Ms. Hill 2021-22-Fifth Grade Assignments

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Dream Stories in Google Classroom

Dream Stories

Select one topic:  Remember to use the elements of creative thinking as you write.  Preplanning is essential for logical flow.  

Write about a character whose dreams are portals to other worlds.
Write a story about a character who interprets people’s dreams.
Write about two people whose dreams are somehow connected.
Start or end your story with the line ‘This is my worst nightmare.’


WORLD Jig Saw in Google Classroom


In order for a country to thrive, it must have a strong economy and government.  Today, you will become an expert on an important concept related to building a strong country.  You will then go back to you team and TEACH that concept to the others.   A clear understanding of these concepts is vital as you plan your country.  

There are three concepts to be studied:
*  Natural Resources
*  Government
*  Economic Sectors

You will be evaluated on the quality of the notes and the thoroughness of your teaching.  


Pet Cloning  in Google Classroom

Pet Cloning

You are the proud owner of a new and inventive company!  Your company provides consumers the opportunity to clone their precious pets.  In order to let attract business, you need to design and eye catching AND informative advertisement.  You will need to include:
*  A creative name for your company
*  A slogan
*  A clear description of what you company does
*  Price(s)
*  Attractive visuals


PBL:  9/11 in Google Classroom

PBL: 9/11

The Problem
The events of September 11th changed the world, especially in the weeks and months that followed. You are a producer who is developing a movie or mini-series that highlights this time period. Who will be the focus of your project, and what will be the storyline? Remember that the impact of 9/11 was different for everyone depending on factors like location, age, religion, occupation, and so on.


PBL - Pet Cloning in Google Classroom

PBL - Pet Cloning

The Problem
You are wealthy businessman looking to invest in a new technology.  A large research company wants your support (and money) to provide a service where it will  for a fee.  What are the issues that need to be considered, and do you feel that it is a sound investment?


Shallow Pond in Google Classroom

Shallow Pond

Go to your assigned slide and respond to the question:  "What kinds of help are we morally required to give to other people?"   Please remember that there is no one correct answer.


A Bad Road for Cats in Google Classroom

A Bad Road for Cats

Only complete "My First Answer" before our Socratic Circle Discussion  Please answer thoughtfully and thoroughly.