HINSON (Distance Learning) HR-2022-FY Assignments

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Past Assignments


Capitalization in Google Classroom


1.  Watch the Brainpop video on capitalization.

2.  Complete the slides correcting the sentences using correct capitalization.


Achieve Lesson in Google Classroom

Achieve Lesson

Complete an Achieve lesson on the article of your choice (be sure the lesson has an article and an activity).  Post your article information and score in the Google Form below.  (Remember to log on to Achieve, go to the student tab on Sterling's website, click on Clever, and login with Clever, use your pin and birthday (00/00/0000).


Adjective/Adverb Review in Google Classroom

Adjective/Adverb Review

Write a sentence using adjectives and/or adverbs to describe the picture in each slide.  Adjectives describe nouns, and adverbs tell us more about verbs.  Use correct capitalization and punctuation in your sentences.


Writing Assignment-Our Family Trip in Google Classroom

Writing Assignment-Our Family Trip

Write about a family trip you have been on.  You may use some of the words listed in the picture in your writing.  Use adjectives and adverbs in your writing.  Remember to form complete sentences using correct capitalization and punctuation.


9/9/21-Writing Assignment in Google Classroom

9/9/21-Writing Assignment

Imagine you’re on a safari.  The Jeep goes over a big bump.  You fall out, but nobody notices.  What happens next?  

Type your response on the Google Slide provided.

(Your writing response should have AT LEAST 10 complete sentences.  Use adjectives and adverbs in your descriptions, and use correct capitalization and punctuation.)


9/9/21-ReadWorks: An Adventure in Africa in Google Classroom

9/9/21-ReadWorks: An Adventure in Africa

Please click the link to go to this assignment.


9/2/21 Reading/ELA Assignments in Google Classroom

9/2/21 Reading/ELA Assignments

Language and Reading Assignments are listed below.  Click on the links below to complete your assignments.

1-  Watch the read aloud of the book Austin Plays Fair from the link below.
2- Complete the quiz below (google form).


8/31 Reading Reflection in Google Classroom

8/31 Reading Reflection

Complete the Google Form below to reflect on your independent reading today.


Survey for Ms. Shell in Google Classroom

Survey for Ms. Shell

Please complete the Google Form and submit for Ms. Shell.


Unscramble the Sentence in Google Classroom

Unscramble the Sentence

Drag the words and punctuation to make a complete sentence and submit your work. You may have to click share at the top right hand corner and put in my address: michelle.hinson@glynn.k12.ga.us


Character Traits- The Bus in Google Classroom

Character Traits- The Bus

Read the passage below.  Answer the questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES.