Meal Service for Virtual Learners

Parents will have the option to order breakfast meals only and/or lunch meals.  Lunch meal prices are as follows:

  1. All grade groups for reduce priced eligibility: $0.40 daily x 5 = $2.00 for 5 lunch meals
  2. Elementary paid lunch: $1.75 daily x 5 = $8.75 for 5 lunch meals
  3. Middle/High paid lunch: $2.00 daily x 5= $10.00 for 5 lunch meals

Meal distribution for virtual learners will start on Tuesday, August 25th at Brunswick High School bus ramp from 4:30pm-5:30pm.  Parents must place their first meal order online before noon on Monday, August 24th.

The weekly meal distribution will include five(5) breakfast meals and five (5) lunch meals.  Breakfast meals will be served at NO COST and lunch meal prices are based on student eligibility and grade group.

Use the following meal order form to place meal orders:

Weekly Meal Order Form for Virtual Students

Reminder: Parents must place meal orders online each week.