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Daily Learning Resources


 The following link will take you to the Georgia Standards of Excellence and Glynn County Curriculum Maps. Please click on grade level and subject for your child.



Here are some links for some awesome extra practice!    


Get excited about READING!


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Here are some reading resources including ideas, activities, and suggestions for helping your child with reading skills:



ALSO...Use the following site to help your child enrich his or her knowledge of sight words:








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Here are some links to practice math skills:



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Glynn County has implemented Reading Workshop as the reading program in the elementary schools.    

The goal for our students is to help them grow as independent readers and to develop a love for books and reading that can last a lifetime!                                                                        

Every day our readers:


  • have time to read "just-right books" independently
  • select their own appropriate books
  • take care of books
  • respect neighbor’s reading time
  • have daily opportunities to talk about their books in genuine ways
  • reading to understand the story






What is Reading Workshop?
     Reading Workshop begins with the class gathering on the carpet for a whole group lesson. Many lessons focus on developing reading strategies or skills. Sometimes classroom routines pertaining specifically to Reading Workshop are taught.  Many times the students and teacher engage in conversation about solving problems that have occurred or may occur during Reading Workshop time.





     After the lesson, students return to their reading spots to try-out the new skill or strategy. During this time, students will be reading self-selected books that have been chosen and placed in a book basket by the teacher. Students slowly build their reading stamina.  Eventually, students will be reading for over 30 minutes.  During this time, teachers may be working with individuals or small groups.


     Students may also have Partner Reading time during Reading Workshop.  Each student is matched with a partner who is reading at a similar reading level.  There are many benefits to Partner Reading.  Partner Reading extends their reading time and helps build stamina.  Partnerships allow students to think and talk about books in authentic ways.  Students are invested in developing conversations, solving problems together, and offering support to each other.

     At the end of Reading Workshop students are called to the carpet for a "Share" time. Students may share with a partner, or the teacher may choose a few individuals. The sharing is specific to the lesson.




     At the end of Reading Workshop, students are called to the carpet for a "Share" time. Students may share with a partner, or the teacher may choose a few individuals. The sharing is specific to the lesson.






  Sterling Elementary is very excited to utilize the reading program, Leveled Literacy Intervention, designed by acclaimed reading experts, Fountas and Pinnell. As a trained Reading Recovery teacher, I am familiar with the rationale and sequence of this program. It is designed as a prescriptive reading program to enrich and excel. LLI will serve as a supplemental program along with our primary program, Reading Workshop. Please see the Heinemann link below to familiarize yourself with the program.


If your child is being served in one of my LLI groups, he/she will come home with a pouch containing a book and parent sign sheet (Monday through Wednesday).  Please let your child read his/her book with you. Please sign on the appropriate line on your child's reading log and return to the pouch. The pouch, parent sign sheet, and book returns to school. This will also serve as a communication tool between home and school.






 Glynn County will be using the Eureka math program. Please click on the link to learn more.






Please click on the following links to learn more about the reading behaviors your child should be demonstrating at each level. Use this information as a tool when reading with your child so that you may review/enrich particular reading behaviors.


As an EIP Teacher, my job is to supplement as well as bridge the gap with learning. If your child is away from school as required by Glynn County, please check out my Extra Practice Links/Resources tab for tips on ways to help your child and links for practice. Thanks!