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School Council

The Sterling Elementary School Council meets four times per year at 8:15 in the conference room.  

2018-2019 Meeting Minutes 

Upcoming meetings:
May 14, 2018

School Council Members:

Kelly Howe (Principal)
279-1509 (work) 577-0885 (cell)

Virginia Clay (Parent Representative)
222-8892 (cell)

Kellea Page (Parent Representative)*
602-4995 (cell)

Dawn Miller (Business Representative)
230-5005 (cell)

Emily Dawson (Business Representative)*/Vice Chair

Mary Lauren Shalack (Teacher Representative)*/Secretary
279-1509 ext. 5516 (work)

Alicia Hinson (Teacher Representative)
279-1509 ext. 5538 (work)

Amanda Ramsey (Parent Involvement Coordinator)/Chair
279-1509 ext. 5571 (work)

*new member 2018-2019

NOTE: This also serves as the Title I Parent Committee.