Elementary Schools Named Title I Reward Schools

This year, Golden Isles and Sterling elementary schools are among 157 public schools in 77 districts in Georgia to be identified as Reward Schools.

"This recognition is evidence of the significant progress our schools have made to improve student achievement, and a testimony to the deliberate effort that was invested to close achievement gaps by staff, students, parents and the community. We are very proud of these schools," said Superintendent Scott Spence.

State School Superintendent Richard Woods echoed his sentiments.

“While we are focused on ensuring all schools have the support and resources they need to continuously improve, it is incredibly important that we also recognize and celebrate when schools are doing well,” Woods said. “I wish to congratulate the staff and students of this year’s Reward Schools – during a time of challenges, they have worked hard and they have succeeded.”

A Reward School is among the 5 percent of Title I schools in the state that is making the most progress in improving the performance of all students over the most recent two years on the statewide assessments. Because assessments were not administered in the 2019-20 school year, this year’s list is based on 2018-19 and 2019-20 data.

A school may not be classified as a Title I Reward School if it is also identified for Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) or Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI).